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Alumni Testimonials

Susie S.

My name is Susie Silcox, and my sobriety date is 2/12/2018. I had used drugs my whole adult life, so I never learned basic adulting. I decided to go to Oxford House after treatment in hopes of trying something different. Oxford House taught me to maintain employment, pay rent, communicate issues, and hold others accountable. I was at Oxford House Knoxford for 2 years before moving out on my own. The women there were my family. While at Oxford, I purchased a car, repaired my credit, worked all 12 steps, began working in the treatment field, and built lifelong friendships. Oxford and the 12-step fellowship taught me a new way to live.
Sarah H.

I've been clean since 05/29/21.
I used to be a chronic relapser. From 2012-2021 I struggled continuously to find long-term sobriety.
That changed when I moved into my first Oxford
House on 07/05/21. Oxford House Sierra in Nashville is where I found stability, recovery, and found myself. I am proud of the woman I am today.
The women in my Oxford House 
loved me until I could love myself.
Today, I’m a phenomenal mother, a reliable employee, an incredible friend, and a sister to anyone seeking this
new way of life.
David M.

This is my second time in an Oxford House. I moved out too soon, and relapsed after three months. When I found my way back to recovery, they accepted me with open arms. Oxford House has taught me a lot about my own recovery, responsibility, and the rules hold me accountable while protecting my sobriety from others who stray from the path. I am forever grateful to Oxford House for helping provide me a new way to live.
Zach T & Gillian L

We were both at Oxford House from September 2016 - April 2017, and it gave us the foundations we needed to get our family back. We were able to learn self sufficiently, sober and happily with dignity. We got our daughter back in July 2017 after 2 years apart. We live happily today in Memphis less than a mile from our Oxford Houses with almost 4 years sober. Thank you Oxford House Memphis!

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