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of Tennessee

We work with individuals leaving rehab,

healthcare professionals, legal professionals,

veterans and parents of addicts.


The first Oxford House was started in 1975 in Silver Springs MD by a group of recovering alcoholics/addicts who were living in a halfway house that was closing down. Worried that they would have to leave and not have a safe place to go, they decided to rent a house together and hold each other accountable to staying sober. Within six months they had enough money saved to open a second house, to meet the need for more beds. With the help of Federal and State programs this growth has continued and today there are Oxford Houses in almost every state, and in several countries.


Oxford Houses are rented family houses where groups of recovering individuals live together in an environment supportive to recovery from addiction. Each house is self-run and financially self-supported following a standardized system of democratic operation. Each group obtains a Charter from Oxford House Inc., which is the umbrella organization for the international network of individual Oxford Houses.


All Oxford Houses have these common characteristics:



The House must be run democratically


The House must be financially self-supporting


The House must expel members who relapse


What Oxford House Offers


Oxford House offers a supportive way of living

with opportunities to learn life skills in a clean and sober environment.


Twenty-Four hour support from peers in recovery.


Learn alcohol and drug-free living skills.


Shared responsibilities for maintaining the House.


Equal vote on all House decisions.


Social interaction and activities.


Having time to become comfortable in personal recovery might be the single most important part of the Oxford House success story. Using this cost-effective method to improve the chances of recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction, may be the best way to show the community that recovery works and that recovering individuals can become model citizens.



How to Apply to an Oxford House

Individuals apply directly to the House of their choice.

If there are no vacancies at the house you have selected, you may be referred to another house in the area.


1. Obtain an application HERE

2. Find the nearest house with a vacancy HERE

3. Contact a House to schedule an interview

4. Show up on time for the interview with completed application

5. Acceptance requires an 80% yes vote by House Members



Eligibility for Membership

Individuals can apply to live in an Oxford House by

meeting at least one of the following criteria:


     a) Sobriety that is free from dangerous withdrawals.

     b) Completion of alcohol or drug treatment.

     c) Completion of a medical detoxification program.


Other Requirements include:

(but are not limited to)


     1) Agree to follow individual house guidelines.

     2) Stay current on his/her share of expenses.

     3) Demonstrate a desire to grow in recovery.


Cost of Living

Equal Expense Shared (EES) keeps individual costs low!

Weekly costs range from $120 to $175 per person.


What Does Your EES Cover?


A fully-furnished home.


All utilities

including home phone and internet service.

House supplies*
(coffee, cleaning supplies, laundry soap, etc.)


*Because Houses are fully self supporting, items vary depending on house budgets from time to time.

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